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It’s On The Meter Cookie Policy

At It’s On The Meter, we use up-to-date cookies, files containing small bits of data that have been exchanged between a web server and a user’s device to identify certain users and enhance their online experience. This is a common practice among top UK websites. Use our glossary pages for detailed information. 

Below, you’ll find an explanation as to how this information is collected, as well as how it will be used and stored. Additionally, you’ll find a brief explanation on how to stop cookies from being stored on your personal device. Be aware that disabling cookies may affect your user experience and It’s On The Meter assumes no responsibility in these cases.

How It’s On The Meter Collects Cookies

Cookies are collected when you visit the website and when you enter your data into any forms on the website.

How It’s On The Meter Sets and Uses Cookies

It’s On The Meter uses cookies to improve your overall experience on our site when you are logged on to the website. This allows you to quickly go back to the site without having to log back in on each visit. If you sign out of the website, the cookies should be cleared and you will have to log in again when you return to the site. This is done to ensure that only logged in users have access to our restricted pages and/ or features.

Disabling Cookies

Disabling cookies depends on the browser you are using (Firefox, Google Chrome, etc.). To adjust your cookies’ settings, follow the instructions found by selecting the browser’s help button. Disabling cookies can significantly decrease your user experience on any website and any website features. It is strongly recommended that you maintain your standard cookie settings for the best results while on the It’s On The Meter website.

Third Party Cookies

In very rare instances, It’s On The Meter may access the cookies of third-party websites deemed trustworthy. Below, you’ll find details on any third-party cookies that you could possibly encounter on It’s On The Meter.

It’s On The Meter does use open resource tools made available by Google, such as Google Analytics. Google Analytics is considered to be one of the most trusted online analytical tools available to websites webmasters who are looking to gain a greater understanding of their website visitors’ behaviours, along with their specific region geographic locations, demographics, and other potentially useful data. The information obtained through Google Analytics is used to help improve a users’ experience, specifically in regards to mobile usage, page speed, and more. For additional information on Google Analytics cookies, please visit the official Google Analytics website.

For further information on It’s On The Meter’s use of cookies, please contact us directly using the information found on our contact page.