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It’s On The Meter Website Terms and Conditions

Part A – The Website

It’s On The Meter (also referred to as “IOTM”) is owned and operated from (ADDRESS). Information obtained through this website may be furnished by third parties. Any website users are hereafter referred to as “you” and “your.” All users are subject to the terms and conditions detailed below “Website Terms.” Each time you access the IOTM site, you are expected to read over and agree to these Website Terms. The act of using the IOTM website to perform a data check legally binds you to the Website Terms. If you object to these Terms, you should not use this website for any purpose.
While using the IOTM website, you agree not to display, extract, gather, and/ or reproduce any data on or from this website by using ‘screen scraping’ software, spiders, or any system used to automatically extract data. Any modifications to this term must be agreed to in writing.


IOTM has made reasonable effort to make certain all information obtained via this website is correct and complete. All information is supplied “as is.” There are no warranties or guarantees of any kind in regard to the website, its contents, or the data checks carried out while using the IOTM website. All warranties, guarantees, or representations are expressly excluded to the maximum extent permissible by law.
IOTM makes no warranty or guarantee regarding the suitability, accuracy, or completeness of the information supplied for any purpose or related graphics. IOTM also makes no guarantees that the website will be consistently available without interruption or that is free of bugs, errors, or viruses. Typographical errors or technical inaccuracies may be found within the information provided. IOTM is hereby expressly excluded to the fullest extent permissible by law for any liabilities related to errors or inaccuracies.
IOTM, including all current, past, and future agents, directors, employees, or additional representatives, are not liable for any damage or loss that may occur out of or in connection with using the website, unless this has been agreed upon by them in writing. Liability limitations extend to all damages and claims of any kind, including (with no limitation) compensatory, loss of data, profit or income, loss or damage to property, claims of third parties, and indirect, direct, or consequential damages, irrespective of whether the damages and/ or claims arise in contract, delict, tort, or otherwise.
Nothing in the Website Terms is meant to limit your statutory rights as a UK consumer or to limit or exclude and liability of It’s On The Meter to you for personal injury or death stemming from the negligence of IOTM or of its agents, directors, employees, or additional representatives for whom IOTM is responsible.
All reasonable measures are made to make certain the data provided by IOTM is regularly updated. There must be reasonable processing time for IOTM to process any data received via third parties, such as crime map data, before it is made available through the website. IOTM cannot control the time it takes for other organisations to offer data. As a result, IOTM will provide the latest data it has available.

Intellectual Property Rights

All brand names, copyrights, product names, titles, and trademarks used on the website, as well as all underlying software code (together referred to as the “IP Rights’) are licensed to or owned by IOTM. All IP Rights used on the website are brand names, copyrights, product names, titles, and trademarks of their respective owners. No owners have given permission for you, the user, to use any of them and any use may be viewed as an infringement of the owner’s rights.

Prohibited Acts

In respect to IOTM allowing you permission to access the website, you agree not to adapt, alter, copy, create derivative works from, download, display, redistribute, reproduce, republish, or reutilise any material appearing on the website unless specific facilities have been provided for this purpose. Further, you agree you will not make any attempt to alter the behaviours, functionality, processes, or outputs required to complete an Enquiry (as defined below). All unauthorised use may be considered unlawful.

Available for Mainland Great Britain Only

The IOTM website is only available for use by mainland Great Britain residents, excluding Northern Island and the Republic of Ireland. You should not use the website if you are not a mainland Great Britain resident. By completing your delivery address and place of residence on the IOTM order form, you are representing yourself as a mainland Great Britain resident. IOTM relies on this representation before accepting your purchase of our advertised services and is not bound to provide any of our services to you if you reside outside mainland Great Britain.


Pricing found on the IOTM website includes VAT, unless it is otherwise noted.


Your use and operation of this website and the Website Terms is governed by and construed in accordance with England laws. In the event of a dispute between you and IOTM, you agree to submit to jurisdiction of the English courts.

Enquiry Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions (“Conditions”) are used when IOTM (“we” or “us”) provides services, which are made available to you carrying out an Enquiry.


The following expressions are used in our Terms:

  • “Application” referring to any services, websites, or mobile applications used to access vehicle history information through the IOTM data check.
  • “Contract” refers to the contract involving us and you for the supply of information made subject to these Terms.
  • “Enquiry” refers to any enquiry or request made by you using our Application for vehicle information.
  • “Information” refers to all information provided by us related to motor vehicle documented within our database as a response to your Enquiry.
  • “you”/ “your” refers to you, the customer, who tenders an Enquiry request and obtains the requested information (in each instance, subject to these Terms).

Contract Formation

The act of submitting a request to us via the Application establishes that you are constructing a legal offer to take part in a Contract with us for information pursuant to these Terms. We have the discretion to decline or accept your Contract request. In the event your offer is declined, your payment will not be processed, or any payment already completed will be refunded.

Contracts will only come into being between us and you when we supply the information requested in your Enquiry.

These Terms outline the full agreement between us and you for the delivery of information in reply to your Enquiry.

These Terms are only applicable to our contracts with consumers. The act of entering into a contract with us establishes are agreeing that you’re a customer, an individual, and not a motor dealer or motor trader.

All information received from the Application is solely for your use only and is not meant to be relied upon or otherwise used by any third-party. Any data check information provided in response to your Enquiry does not include or guarantee the general condition or roadworthiness of any vehicle checked. The check may not identify the use of false vehicle registration or a “ringed” vehicle.

After you have requested that we perform a data check on your behalf, we have the right to deny this service if we feel you may be in breach of any Contract terms. These Contract terms include all of the terms of the contract between you and us. No oral or written statements are incorporated in this contract.

By completing an Application and submitting a request, you shall indemnify DVLA from any claims by anyone for damage or loss, however it is caused.

Enquiry Request

You are responsible for completing all of the requested screens of the Application in its entirety and with the correct information before submitting your Application request. Failure to accurately and completely complete the information may impact our ability to supply a quick response.

Information will be provided, in response to your Enquiry, after we have received your payment. The results will be displayed on screen.

Use of Information

Any information we supply to you is meant for your personal use only.

You are not permitted to supply, sell, or otherwise disclose any information to a third-party. You may supply a printed copy of the Certificate of Vehicle History to prospective buyers or a vehicle seller if it is needed to negotiate the purchase or sale of the vehicle. This information must be shared at no charge. You are agreeing not to alter or delete any information that we’ve provided.

If you are aware or believe that any information, we have provided is incomplete or incorrect, you are responsible for making us aware. This can be done through our Contact Us page.


You are liable for paying the charges set forth on the Application for the Service(s) that you require.
It is your responsibility for ensuring that you have chosen the correct add-ons of The Service prior to clicking the “Buy Now” button or its equivalent to finalise your purchase.

No information will be disclosed until your payment has been processed.

If available, multi-check vouchers can be used for a specific period from the purchase date. Once this period is complete, these vouchers cannot be used nor can you receive a refund for them.

All It’s On The Meter platinum checks will remain live within our database for a period of 30 days from the purchase date. When this period expires, all data is removed to protect you from receiving misrepresented or incorrect information.

The Right to Cancel

Once you have submitted your payment, your request cannot be cancelled. This is because your results are available immediately. By agreeing to these Terms and purchasing the Enquiry, you are agreeing to waive your right to a cancellation request.

If you purchased a Multi-Check voucher, you will have 14 days from the purchase date to submit a refund request. Refunds are only issued if all have vouchers have not been redeemed.

Multi-Check vouchers that have expired are not eligible for a refund.

Use of Your Personal Information

Our data is obtained from multiple sources and is used to protect anyone performing a search, as well as the vehicles’ owners or their third-party registers.

As a result, you are agreeing and consenting to allow us to disclose any relevant information about yourself, such as your name, email address, and how you intend to use the results of your Enquiry, to anyone that we consider it would be expedient to do so, for the exclusive purpose of detecting, discouraging, and/ or preventing crime, for the apprehension or prosecution of offenders, or for stolen vehicle or other property recovery.

You expressly agree and consent to allow us to disclose any needed information about you to law enforcement authorities, including the police.

Our Liability Limits to You

All information we supply is obtained from a variety of third-party sources. We cannot guarantee this information is complete, correct, true, and subject to the provisions of 8.2. We are not liable, under any circumstances, for any damage or loss that may arise from faults, inaccuracies, or omissions in the information, unless it is otherwise specifically stated.

We do not exclude or limit our liability for:

  • Fraud or falsified misrepresentation
  • Personal injury or death that resulted from our negligence
  • Losses for which it is barred by section 7 of the Consumer Protection Acts of 1987 to limit liability
  • Any breach of the obligations implied by section 12 of the 1979 Sale of Goods Act or section 2 of the 1982 Supply of Services and Services Act
  • Any additional matter for which it is considered unlawful or illegal for us to exclude or attempt to exclude our liability

Unless it expressly disclosed in the Contract, any additional conditions, warranties and terms, whether implied by statute or expressed, are excluded to the greatest extent allowed by the law.

In Condition 8, every provision should be viewed as a separate limitation surviving and applying even if one of the other provisions is deemed to be unreasonable or inapplicable for whatever reason. The provision will remain in force notwithstanding the Contract performance.

Outstanding Finance Data

All outstanding financial information is obtained through Experian Ltd. The company is registered in England and Wales with the registration number 653331 and is regulated and authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority. Contact information can be found on the company’s website. By requesting an Enquiry that contains an outstanding finance check, you are agreeing to Experian Ltd.’s supply of this information.

Occasionally, additional investigation is needed to determine if a vehicle has and outstanding finance agreement. In this case, you are agreeing to cooperate with all customer service representatives to find a resolution.

It’s On The Meter cannot be held responsible for the quality or accuracy of any outstanding finance information provided. To resolve any issues with the financial data provided, you should contact (Experian.)


You do not have the right to assign, transfer, or in any other way, makeover any part of this Contract for use by a third party.

Neither you nor we can be held liable to the other for a delay or failure to perform any of our individual responsibilities in the Contract due to causes beyond you or our reasonable control.

You are agreeing that you are entering into a contract with IOTM and have not relied on any representation from us, apart from those specified in these Terms. The Terms do not affect any of your statutory rights related to the Services we are offering to you as a consumer.

Any people who is associated with an organisation that performs vehicle provenance checks, is prohibited from requesting an Enquiry and is not eligible for a refund.

No waiver by us is to be interpreted as waiving any rights or claims in regards to a breach of the terms of our Contract with you.

In the event any Contract term is determined to be unenforceable, unlawful, or whole, either in part or in whole, that specific term will be separated from the Terms. It does not alter the validity or enforceability of any other Contract terms.

This contact is subject to the laws of England and Wales. The courts of England and Wales have sole jurisdiction relating to the contract.

Terms and Conditions of Registering an Account

Below are the terms and conditions (known as the “Conditions” upon which It’s On The Meter (“us” or “we”) provide our services to any customer (“you”) who registers an account.

Registering and Reminder Services

By creating an account, you agree to receive road tax and MOT reminders for any vehicle included on your account. You agree to receive these notices via email to the email address you provided upon registration an/ or via SMS reminders to the mobile number you provided upon registration.

It’s On The Meter makes every attempt to send out reminders 30, 14, and 7 days before your road tax or MOT is due to expire. However, we do not make any guarantees that you will receive reminders on these dates. You are agreeing to accept that we will make our “best effort” to ensure you receive these reminders, but we cannot guarantee they will be delivered.

It’s On The Meter retains the right to stop our reminder service at any time and without providing notice.

Your use of this service serves as your consent to that we can use your provided details to suggest motoring organisations and other vehicle-related services, such as roadside assistance and motor insurance, to you.

We retain the right to refuse to deliver reminders to any users who have provided fictitious or incorrect details when registered for the service.

If you prefer not to receive vehicle related reminders and /or you prefer not to be contacted by third parties regarding vehicles in your account, you agree to remove the vehicle from your “My Vehicles” stored in your account.

Terms and Conditions Related to Our Guarantee

It is important that you read all Conditions carefully. Please contact us, using our Contact Us page, with any queries. These Conditions should be maintained in a safe place, along with any documents referred to in the Conditions and your certificate. These Conditions are in addition to the terms expressed in the Enquiry Contract (above).

Our Guarantee – Part A

Below are the terms and conditions (“Conditions”) upon which It’s On The Meter (“we” or “us”) provides any Guarantee (“Guarantee”) that is available to you when performing an Enquiry.


The following words may be used in our Conditions:

  • Contract: refers to the contract between you and us for the information made available to these terms.
  • Information: refers to the details provided by us related to any vehicle recorded on our electronic database and as a response to your Enquiry.
  • MIAFTR: Motor Insurance Fraud and Theft Register
  • VRM: vehicle registration marker, which is also referred to as a registration plate.
  • “you”/ “your”: refers to you, as the customer who has submitted an Enquiry request and receives the requested information

All information provided is received through the MIAFTR and the PNC (Police National Computer). We guarantee that we will give you the complete data from the PNC and MIAFTR for the vehicle you are performing a check on. We cannot guarantee that this data is up to date as we do not have control over a third party’s actions. We assume no liability in the event you receive this information. If an adverse event occurs and its is deemed to be the result of our failure to pass along the correct data, as it appeared on our register as the time of the Enquiry, and this results in a loss or title or decrease in the vehicle’s value, you may make a claim against the Guarantee.

Only the person submitting the Enquiry is eligible for the Guarantee, which is nontransferable. The enquirer must be the person planning to purchase the vehicle and he or she must be present when the purchase is completed, for any claim to proceed. The enquirer must also be present when the purchase funds change hands and the vehicle is received. Furthermore, the enquirer must have compared our information with the actual vehicle and its history certificate.

Terms and Conditions

What It’s On The Meter Guarantees

In the event of the following, the It’s On The Meter Guarantee allows for compensation. This includes, and is limited to,

  • Error while retrieving data from the Police Stolen data extract or the MIAFTR
  • Failure to provide any data we have available in regard to Insurance Total Loss vehicles or any vehicle noted as stolen by the police, in which you suffer a financial loss, as defined below.

The It’s On The Meter Guarantee is restricted to the Police Stolen data and MIAFTR. Our guarantee only applies to data transfer, subject to the above terms and conditions, and not the actual vehicle’s integrity. This is full extent of the Guarantee. In agreeing to the vehicle check, you are accepting this Guarantee.

About Your Guarantee

This Guarantee is supplied by It’s On The Meter and intended to cover “loss” (defined below) you may suffer if your Enquiry includes incomplete or incorrect information relating to a vehicle you opt to purchase. In this case, we will provide compensation for your loss, pursuant to these conditions.

Cover Duration

From the date your Enquiry is completed, the Guarantee remains in effect for 12 calendar months, or until you sell the vehicle, whichever happens first. This is referred to as the Guarantee Period and no claims submitted after the 12-month period will be considered.

Financial Limits of the Guarantee

In regards to a loss of title of the a vehicle you checked with us on being reported as stolen and the information did not reach us due to an error (expect an unavoidable delay or natural disaster) financial limits cannot exceed €10,000 or 1/3 of the total market value on the date the claim is filed, or 1/3 of the amount you paid for the vehicle, or the amount payable to obtain a clean title, whichever is the lowest amount.

In regards to a reduction in overall value that results because our check does not indicate a vehicle was a “write-off” or “total loss” in insurance category A or B because this information did not reach us due to an error (except an unavoidable delay or natural disaster), you may receive an amount of no more than €3,000 or 1/3 the market value on the date the claim is filed, or 1/3 of the amount you paid for the vehicle, whichever is least. In regards to a reduction in overall value that results because our check does not indicate a vehicle was a “write-off” or “total loss” in insurance category Cor D because this information did not reach us due to an error (except an unavoidable delay or natural disaster), you may receive an amount of no more than €1,500 or 1/3 the market value on the date the claim is filed, or 1/3 of the amount you paid for the vehicle, whichever is least.

In requesting a check, you are agreeing that in any circumstances, including if we’ve been negligent, without limitation, we will not be liable for any consequential, direct, or indirect damage or loss, or for any loss of capital, business, reputation, goodwill, or profit even if caused by us, our agents or servants. You agree that the extent of any claim filed will only extent to the loss and financial limits outlined above.

The Guarantee and the Limitation/ Exclusion of Liability

All data information provided by us is received by multiple third-party sources, which we cannot warrant as correct. The Guarantee is dependent upon specific terms and exclusions, which could impact your ability to make claims under it.

We do not guarantee the information is correct, complete, or and subject to 5.1b as described below. Our liability is not limited to nor does it exclude:

  • Personal injury or death resulting from our negligence
  • False misrepresentation or fraud
  • Losses that are prohibited under section 7 of the Consumer Protect Act of 1987 to limit liability
  • Any breach of obligations implied by the Sale of Goods Act of 1979 section 12 or the Supply or Services and Services Act of 1982 section 2
  • Any additional instances in which it would be unlawful or illegal us to exclude or attempt to exclude our liability.

We are not liable for damage or loss arising from any fault that can be attributed to you.

Unless expressly stated in the Contract, all additional conditions, warranties, and terms, implied or expressed by statute or otherwise are excluded to the fullest extent allowable by law.

Each provision listed in these terms and conditions are to be viewed as a separate limitation, surviving and applying, even if one of the other said provisions is determined to be unreasonable or inapplicable, and will remain in force.

Guarantee Conditions

To qualify for the Guarantee:

  • Only enquires performed on the It’s On The Meter website, as well as other licensed websites and applications are covered by the Guarantee. Any checks performed on other websites are not included.
  • The vehicle must have a current, full logbook/ V5C from the DVLA with it.
  • If the vehicle is fewer than 5 years old, the VIN should be fully visible and located in the car’s window.
  • The vehicle must have a V5C Certificate issued by the DVLA. It should be the latest fold-over style with the four-side A3 document. The serial number must be present.
  • You should make certain that any information you provide in the Enquiry coordinates with the logbook/ V5C and the vehicle. Any discrepancies, including last two VIN digits, make, model, and derivative, colour, transmission, size of engine, number of doors, V5C issue date, and fuel type, should be reported to us immediately for further investigation.
  • All VIN markings must be confirmed to match and be identical. This includes, but is not limited to, the VIN under the bonnet, the stamped in VIN, and the VIN visible in the window.
  • The person performing the Enquiry must be on-site when the vehicle is purchased.
  • The check must be performed by the buyer prior to the vehicle’s purchase.
  • The logbook/ V5C must be an original at the time of purchase. Any duplicate copies are not allowed.
  • You must now know of any information suggesting, confirming, or giving you a reason to believe the vehicle had a past adverse history and was subject to the problem for which you are claiming.
  • All information that we provide must be identical to what appears on the vehicle’s V5C.
  • A full purchase receipt must be completed at the time of the purchase. It should include the name and address of the seller, the make and model, the VIN, current mileage, and purchase price. The seller must sign and date the receipt. You should keep this receipt in a safe place as any claim is immediately declared invalid if the original receipt cannot be produced.

If this is a private purchase, the vehicle must be acquired:

  • At the seller’s home address as it appears on the V5C
  • From the person named on the V5C
  • All reasonable steps should be made to authenticate the seller’s identity as that which appears on the V5C
  • If you become aware of a possible claim, you are required to make all reasonable attempts to reach the vehicle’s seller in an effort to resolve the issue and recoup the loss, unless the Police have expressly requested that you do not. We have the right to keep back any claims settlement until we are certain all reasonable efforts have been attempted.
  • At the time of the Enquiry, you must provide the vehicle’s VIN, serial number and V5C issue date.

Guarantee Exclusions

We do not guarantee:

  • Any data with the exception of the police stolen records and the MIAFTR total loss on any vehicle in which you perform a check.
  • Details on a vehicle’s description, number of keepers and their keeper dates, date of keeper changes, mileage and/ or accompanying data, or any data not related to the MIAFTR.
  • Any Enquiry in which there is a discrepancy between the V5C data, the actual vehicle, and the data we have supplied.
  • Any check in which the vehicle was not purchased and in the enquirer’s possession within 7 days of the Enquiry
  • Any check performed by or provided to a motor trader or in respect of a vehicle covered under a motor trader insurance policy either on or following the purchase date.
  • Any Enquiry in which there is a discrepancy in the mileage shown on the vehicle, the mileage we provide, and the mileage(s) included in any correspondence associated with vehicle. For example, MOT or servicing papers.
  • Any loss claims for which you cannot provide the full vendor’s name, phone number, address, and proof of calling same before the purchase date.
  • Any loss or damage claim for which you cannot provide the vehicle’s proof of purchase and you paid €1000 or more. Valid proof of purchase includes a bank (or other financial institution) statement including a single withdrawal that equals a minimum of 80% of the vehicle’s purchase price or a draft/ cheque made payable to the vendor and is made out in the vendor’s name. (No third-party is allowed.)
  • Any loss claim for a vehicle you obtained a loan for, with the exception of a FSA registered finance company, and you cannot provide repayment proof. Repayment proof includes a statement from a bank (or similar institution) detailing relevant withdrawals that are both appropriate and regular.
  • Any loss claim for a vehicle that you have not paid off in full, with the exception of a loan through an FSA registered finance company.
  • Any loss or damage claim resulting from a purchase that we determine was the result of your failure to act in a reasonably cautious manner, including the failure to complete and/ or consider any supplementary literature we offered at the time of the check.
  • Any loss resulting from a fraudulent transaction that prohibits you from receiving the legal title.
  • Any vehicle, manufactured post 1980, with a VIN that differs from the 17 alphanumeric figures.
  • Any claim related to an event that occurred prior to the vehicle being initially registered with the DVLA.
  • Information we are unable to provide, such as information and data that we were not in possession of on the date of the Enquiry.
  • The vehicle was purchased for 30% or more below its trade market value, as determined by the Glasses guide.
  • The vehicle is purchased without a MOT test certificate that is valid, where required.
  • If, at the date and time the vehicle was purchased, it was not taxed or did not have insurance specific to the vehicle itself.
  • The vehicle is purchased form a salvage auction or agent.
  • The vehicle is registered with a VRM under a Q prefix/ suffix or the VIN doesn’t contain sequential letters.
  • The vehicle previously underwent a plate transfer/ change.

The Guarantee does not apply to the vehicle’s condition or roadworthiness.

The Guarantee doesn’t extend to any claim in which you, or anyone acting in your interest, is aware that any part of the claim is fraudulent or false.

The Guarantee does not extend to any other financial loss you may experience as a result of offering us incomplete or incorrect information.
The Guarantee excludes any expected or actual profit which you would have made.

The Guarantee doesn’t extend to a vehicle with a history of damage that was not recorded on the MIAFTR as a total loss by an insurer on the date of your purchase.

Cloned vehicles (vehicle that was stolen and given a fraudulent identity, usually an identical vehicle) are not covered by the Guarantee.

We reserve the right to deny a claim if you have sold the vehicle after the date in which you became aware of any interest recorded on our Written Off Vehicles Register or Stolen Vehicles Register.

All data is received from sources based in the UK. If the vehicle was registered previously in a different country, the Enquiry will not contain information from that period. The Enquiry only includes data from the date the vehicle was initially registered in mainland Great Britain. You cannot make a claim for a loss that resulting from the vehicle’s previous location or from any event that took place before its initial registration in mainland Britain. This is true even if the Enquiry reports a marker detailing “previously used abroad before 1st registration with DVLA.

The Guarantee does not extent to issues with any data except for total loss records held in respect of the VIN or VRM you checked.

The Guarantee does not extend to enquiries performed after you have purchased the vehicle.

We must have the full Enquiry payment before the Guarantee can be applied.

The Guarantee does not extend to events that happened after the Enquiry was completed.

The Guarantee does not extend to any vehicles purchased from outside mainland Britain, such as Jersey, Isle of Man, Northern Ireland, and mainland Europe.

The Guarantee does not extend to vehicles registered outside mainland Britain at the time the Enquiry is performed.

The Guarantee does not extend to vehicles purchased from a partner, family member, friend, or someone otherwise known to you.

The Guarantee doesn’t extend to motor traders or anyone who purchased the vehicle with the intention of selling it for profit.

The Guarantee doesn’t apply if you have purposely provided us with incomplete or incorrect information and/ or you do not cooperate with us and our agents when investigating your Guarantee claim.

The Guarantee doesn’t apply if you were aware of any relevant information at the time of the Enquiry related to the vehicle and this information is used as the basis of your Guarantee claim. For example, if you knew the vehicle was stolen.)

The Guarantee does not extend to vehicles that we determine were not purchased in reasonably prudent manner.

The Guarantee does not extend to Enquiries provided to a finance company.

The Guarantee does not apply if the VIN you entered into the Enquiry doesn’t exactly match the recorded VIN or if the V5C issue date you entered into the Enquiry doesn’t exactly match the recorded issue data.

The Guarantee does not extend to any Enquiry in which the V5C reference number you entered is recorded as being in the range of recorded stolen V5C reference numbers.

Data Transfer Delays

The data received from third-party suppliers is done so through a batch transfer, or an electronic data transfer. There may be a delay of data being provided to the third-party. They, then, input the data into their data system before sending it to us and loading it onto our systems at the time the Check is performed. Our Guarantee only applies to searches undertaken after the date and time we received the data or should have received the data and loaded it into our system.

We cannot guarantee any claim resulting from a reasonable and understandable normal delay related to the transfer of data from the third-party to us. Unavoidable delay period exemptions include:

  • Stolen: Guarantees do not extend to vehicles that are recorded stolen before we received the relevant data batch transfer.
  • Written off: Guarantees do not extend to vehicles that were placed on the MIATRRand written off by the insurance company before we received the relevant data batch transfer.

Procedure for Filing a Claim

For the Guarantee to be considered, we must be informed as soon as possible after you are made aware of an event(s) that could potentially result in a claim being filed. We must be notified within the Guarantee Period. You can start the claims process by emailing (insert email address).

You will be sent a claim form that you must complete in its entirety and return, along with evidence of your Enquiry, your proof of vehicle purchase, and any additional relevant documentation. Claims will be handled by our administration team, who will make prompt contact.

Experian Finance Check Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions – Part B


In the Terms and Conditions discussed below, any references to “we”, ‘our”, and “us” refer to Experian Limited (Company Number 653331).

In the Terms and Conditions below, any reference to “you” or “your” refer to you as a user of the Finance Check Service.

Enter It’s On The Meter info (company number, registered office address

“Finance Service Check” refers to the outstanding vehicle finance check service we provide to customers and includes information about any current financial agreement registered against a specific vehicle. A data guarantee is automatically included regarding the Finance Check Service and is detailed in clause 8.

“Our Material” refers to any content, material, and data (including but not limited to comments, opinions, reviews, and reports) delivered to you as a component of the Finance Check Service (whether in paper form, email, or on a screen). It includes text, graphics, website design, and its arrangement, as well as all software, applets, and underlying source code.

“Terms and Conditions” refers to the terms and conditions outlined in Part B.

“Website” refers to It’s On The Meter website through which we offer the Finance Check Service. At times, this may include personal data as defined in the Data Protection Act of 1998 (as amended).

“IOTM” refers to It’s On The Meter, registered company number (INSERT NUMBER, OFFICE ADDRESS)

About Us

We refers to Experian Ltd, registered in England and Wales. Our VAT registration number is GB 887 1335 93. All contact information is available through our official website.

We encourage printing and retaining a copy of these Terms and Conditions for your records.

Additional consumer rights may be available to you by law. Our Terms and Conditions do not affect said rights.

Important Info Regarding Terms and Conditions

All terms and conditions related to your use of the Finance Check Service.

We rely on these Terms and Conditions and you are legally bound by them when using the Finance Check Service. You should read these carefully and in their entirety before performing a Finance Check, particularly “Our Liability to You” and “Warranties and Disclaimers.” If you cannot understand any point or would like to make a contact, contact It’s On The Meter using their “Contact Us” page. They will forward your information to the correct Experian team who will investigate your complaint further.

Our Services

By requesting a Finance Check Service, you are entering a legally binding contract between you and us when we provide the search results.

This Check is intended only for your personal non-commercial use. You are not permitted to sale the results and no other person is given permission to use or rely on any information returned to you in a Finance Check Service.

To conduct a search, the vehicle in question must be registered in the UK, including Northern Ireland. We do not include vehicles registered on the Isle of Man, Guernsey, or Jersey.

The Finance Check Service only returns information regarding whether there is a current financial agreement registered about the vehicle in question. This check does not offer any information regarding (a) a vehicle’s physical condition), (b) if a vehicle has a fake VIN or registration mark, (c) if a vehicle has been written off, (d) if a vehicle was initially purchase outside a country in the European Union, and (e) a vehicle’s safety or roadworthiness.

The Use of Our Material

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  • Lost contracts or profits
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  • Decrease in an asset’s value

In the event an issue arises from your use of the Finance Check Services, or if you would like to make a complaint regarding the Finance Check Service, please contact (insert contact) as quickly as possible. Contact details can be found on the website.

Data Guarantee

It is important you completely read and understand the terms and conditions involving the Data Guarantee. To benefit from the protection afforded to you under the Data Guarantee, you are responsible for taking certain actions prior to purchasing the vehicle. The Data Guarantee is subject to exclusions and conditions. Please see the clause above.

As a condition to the Data Guarantee, you must do the following prior to making your vehicle purchase.

  • Confirm the VIN in our Vehicle History Check is an exact match to that on the vehicle and its V5C.
  • Confirm the vehicle registration mark (VRM) is our Vehicle History check is an exact match to the vehicle and the V5C.
  • Confirm all details disclosed in our Vehicle History Check are a match to the vehicle and its V5C.
  • Confirm the seller’s full name and verify using his/ her driving license or passport.
  • Confirm the seller’s address and verify using a utility bill.
  • Confirm that the seller will provide you with a receipt that includes the date of purchase and the purchase amount. He/ she must sign the receipt and you must receive it immediately following the purchase.

To successfully file a Data Guarantee Claim, all of the above conditions must have been performed and you must have acted as a reasonably prudent buyer, meaning that if you have any suspicion that the vehicle is not genuine and/ or you have received fraudulent information from the seller, you will take all precautions to avoid a loss.

To file a claim under the Data Guarantee, you must meet the following conditions.

  • You are age or over.
  • You purchased both the vehicle itself and the Finance Check Service for the vehicle.
  • The Finance Vehicle Search was performed prior to finalising your purchase.
  • The vehicle has a valid MOT, if it is over 3 years old.
  • You inspected the V5C prior to the vehicle purchase and confirmed that you are completing the purchase with the registered keeper.
  • The VIN must correspond with the VRM and VIN recorded by the DVLA.

We reserve the right to inspect a vehicle if a claim is filed. You must allow us to perform this inspection if asked to do so.

You must deliver any evidence of Losses, including receipts or other pertinent documentation, that we may realistically require to consider your claim.

Data Guarantee Exclusions

In the following circumstances, the Data Guarantee will not offer protection against losses or expenses.

  • The vehicle’s VIN or VRM is false
  • The loss represented lost revenue or profit for your business
  • The reason for the loss, such as damage, occurs after the Finance Service Check has been completed.
  • You have paid an unreasonable purchase price, as per the value in Glass’s Guide.
  • Protection is not provided for cash payments exceeding 10% of the purchase price or €1,000 (whichever amount is lower)
  • Losses resulting from vehicles other than light commercial vehicles, motorcycles, or cars weighing up to 3.5 tonnes.
  • Losses that occurred before the vehicle was first registered with the DVLA.
  • Losses occurring because the vehicle was not registered with the DVLA
  • You failed to act as a reasonably prudent buyer.
  • You had prior knowledge of circumstances related to the claim.

Protection Duration

The Data Guarantee remains in effect against losses for a period of up to 2 years after the date of the Finance Check Service.

Missing or Incomplete Financial Information

Description of Loss: If you do receive a good vehicle title due to missing or incomplete financial data, you are protected against losses up to the vehicle’s fair market value at the time the claim is filed under the Data Guarantee. To ensure you receive a good title, we will make payments to any lender owed outstanding finance on the vehicle. This is up to our Limit of Protection.

Limit of Protection: €30,000 (is this the right amount)

The limit of protection disclosed above is the greatest amount we will pay in the event you file a successful claim under the Data Guarantee.

The above referenced fair market value is determined using the Glass’s Guide and is adjusted for the vehicle’s condition and mileage.

Price and Payment

The cost of the Finance Check is included in your purchase price. No additional charges will apply.


Please refer to the section in Part A entitled “Your Right to Cancel.”

Changes to the Terms and Conditions

Changes may be made due to changes in law or arrangements with third-parties. To determine if changes have been made, check the version and date they were last modified. This information is available at the end of Part B.

We do not make individual notifications of changes to the Terms and Conditions. It is your responsibility to check them routinely.

Additional Information

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