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What is It’s On The Meter?

The Facts

It’s On The Meter was initially created to allow potential buyers to check a vehicle’s history before finalising their purchase. In some instances, a vehicle history check may be called an HPI check, which is a trademark of HPI Ltd. It’s On The Meter is in no way associated with HPI Ltd.

What information is available?

All It’s On The Meter reports detail over 50 pieces of data related to the individual. A sample report is available for viewing to give you a better understanding of what the report looks like and includes.

Where is the information obtained from?

It’s On The Meter relies on information made available through multiple trusted sources, such as insurance companies, the police, finance companies, and the DVLA, as well as motoring organisations, including the Society of Motor Manufacturers & Traders (SMMT) and the Vehicle Certification Agency (CVA). The information is collected from numerous sources to ensure you get the most comprehensive and accurate check possible.

Why do you need It’s On The Meter’s services?

It’s On The Meter is intended to protect your best interests when purchasing a used vehicle. This is done by giving you all the pertinent information you need to ensure you are purchasing a vehicle that is safe and will provide you with a great overall value.

Sadly, there are people who will try to falsify a car’s history to increase its value. For example, they may hide previous wrecks. This not only reduces a car’s value but could make it unsafe for you to own.

What information is available through It’s On The Meter?

An array of crucial information is available. For example,:

  • VIN and engine numbers: You should make certain you cross-reference the VIN and engine number on your It’s On The Meter report with what is on the vehicle to be sure it has not been altered. In some cases, a seller may try to alter a vehicle’s original VIN number to hide that the vehicle has been previously written off or reported stolen.
  • Outstanding finance: Today, many people must finance their vehicle purchase. In this case, they make monthly payments until the total cost of the vehicle is paid in full. Until the final payment is made, the vehicle is owned by the bank or finance company. If they were to try and sell the vehicle prior to making the final payment, this would be against the law. If you were to purchase this vehicle, or any vehicle with outstanding finance, the bank or finance company has the legal right to repossess the vehicle. Not only will they take the vehicle from you, but you’ll also lose any money you have paid.
  • Written off: In the event of an accident, insurance companies evaluate whether or not it would make economic sense to repair the damages. If the damage is too severe or the cost of repairs would exceed the car’s value, the vehicle will likely be written off and deemed unable to be returned to the road. However, this does not stop some people from making the repairs themselves before trying to sell the vehicle. If a car is noted as “written off” in its It’s On The Meter report, this vehicle should not be purchased as it has suffered significant damage in the past.
  • MOT history: Any information recorded by a DVSA testing station, including whether or not the vehicle has passed or failed recent MOTs, will be listed on your It’s On The Meter report. In some cases, the reason(s) for the failure may also be listed. If the vehicle has failed, be sure to look at what repairs are needed to correct the issue(s). They may be very expensive, making it a bad decision to purchase the car.
  • Stolen: It’s On The Meter reports will make you aware if a vehicle has previously been reported as stolen to the police or to an insurance company. If you do end up purchasing a stolen vehicle, you are legally obligated to return it to the proper owner and you will not receive anything in its place, including any money you may have paid for it. This is the case even if you had no idea the car was stolen.

Are It’s On The Meter reports guaranteed?

Yes, all It’s On The Meter reports are guaranteed to ensure you have peace of mind when purchasing your report.