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If you’re reading this blog then chances already know the whole It’s on the Meter story… but just in case here’s a quick recap:

In 2011 three friends, Johno, Paul and Leigh drove a 20 year-old black taxi called Hannah around the world. We spent 15 months travelling through over 50 countries and set two new World Records.

Along the way we experienced some crazy situations, from being arrested and thrown into jail in Moscow, inadvertently befriending a double-murderer in the Australian Outback, being detained as suspected spies in Iran and dodging kidnap by the Taliban in a lawless region of Pakistan.

The It’s on the Meter Photobook

Throughout the trip I took thousands of pictures and i’ve selected 500 of the best ones to be released in an upcoming ‘Coffee Table’–style photobook. This is where we need your help: We’re running a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign to raise £4500 for the initial print run of the 200-page, full-colour hardback books.

The idea of Kickstarter is that rather than looking for a loan or sponsorship, we use crowdfunding to raise funds for a project via lots of small individual investments. A typical pledge is around £25, but could be £10 or less. This pledge isn’t like a charity donation, you will get rewarded for your pledge with different rewards depending on the level of pledge.

For example for £14 you will receive a first edition copy of the 200-page full colour hardcover book.

How you can help:

1. Make a pledge: I would really appreciate it if you could pledge towards making this book a reality. We feel that £14 really is a great price for this collection of truly unique photographs. We’d love to be able to share all these pictures that tell the whole story of the journey from the highs to the lows in one collection.
There are also other levels of pledge if the book isn’t for you, please take a look.

2. Spread the word: I’m aware that my funding target is quite ambitious (a more pessimistic person might say unrealistic!) and the way Kickstarter works means that the pledges are only actually given if the entire funding target is met. This means that I need lots of people to see the campaign and pledge! I would really appreciate it if you could spam your friends, family and colleagues with the link. As I said, this isn’t a charity donation – they will be getting a tangible product out of it and it might make a nice Christmas present for anyone who likes travel or photography, or just someone who has a lonely coffee-table in need of a shiny book!

Sorry for the rambling essay but I really hope that you can support me and make this book a reality. I’ve decided to stick my neck out to put together what we feel is a unique and valuable collection and I really appreciate any help that you can give.

Click here to visit the Kickstarter page

Thanks again,