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Things are incredibly exciting with us, we fly to the USA on Monday to carry out the next leg of the journey.  This has all be enabled by Get Taxi, the company who came on board to sponsor the expedition to go the whole way around the World.  Check them out here, they basically run a service which allows people to hail a black cab from their smart phone or online.  It’s very smart, give them a try!

So, where now?

Hannah the taxi should be arriving in Oakland Port, San Francisco any day now.  We’re going to collect it and then spend a week or so doing some major repairs (including fitting a new gearbox!).  After that, this is a our rough route through States (obviously we will be following the roads and not going in straight lines…):

West Side

East Side

You can see the whole proposed route after the USA here.  We will be flying to Israel and then, as per usual, taking the longest route home.  Get Taxi will be fitting one of their driver GPS units so you can also track us in real time (link to come soon). If you live in America, know someone who does or have any recommendation about random things we should visit (that are kind on the route) then drop us a line at [email protected] or comment on our Facebook.  We sometimes tailor our route if someone asks us to swing by for a cup of tea (or even a beer) in return for a ride in Hannah!  We’ve had 90 people in her so far, but she’s the kind of girl who can never give enough rides…

We will also be auctioning off rides in the Taxi to raise money for the Red Cross, but we’ll cover this in more detail soon.

Rough Timeline:

30/1/12 San Francisco

15/2/12 LA

18/2/12 Tijuana, Mexico!

19/2/12 Vegas, baby!

25/2/12 Albuquerque

28/2/12 Austin

29/2/12 Houston

2/3/12 New Orleans

4/3/12 Memphis

7/3/12 Daytona Beach

10/3/12 Richmond

13/3/12 New York

20/3/12 Israel

We cannot wait for this next leg.  Spread the word!

Loads of love

Paul and the Get Taxi: It’s on the Meter boys