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Impartial automotive guides and reviews for drivers

Because we suck at everything else but cars


Whether you’re a Petrol Head fanatic about speed or 83 years old Elsa, who drives an old Ford Fiesta Finesse…It’s On The Meter has you covered. Enjoy our No Fluff guides to cars, motoring and changes in the industry.


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Attractive women stood by her retro vehicle.

Who really is the best car history check provider for drivers?

A complete guide reviewing the top few offers based on the quality of reports, customer service and price.

It’s On The Meter vehicle check guide.

There are a number of decent car history check providers, and some offer a free car check with upgrades for pertinent information. Good ones include Total Car Check CarVeto hpi check and Cazana. Vehicle information comes from the same places regardless of the provider; this includes DVLA, the MIAFTR and Police. 

Man, wife and young child talking with another women sat in a classic car.

Service history, a motorists guide to maintenance.

What is service history, how can I recover lost history and should I buy a car if it doesn’t have any?

It’s On The Meter car service history guide.

1970's Lady looks over her left shoulder.

V5C, log book, vehicle registration document – call it what you want, we have your definitive guide.

What is the V5? Who is the legal owner of a car? Which bit do I fill in when I sell privately or to trade?

It’s On The Meter V5C explained, guide.

Attractive lady driving her yellow Ford Mustang to an MOT test station.

A killer guide to the MOT test – how to dodge lightweight failures, MOT exemptions, costs and the best MOT test centres. We got you covered.

It’s On The Meter DVLA MOT checklist, guide.

Cool, sassy woman wearing sunglasses and holding fingers to her lips.

We all know it. Road tax is one boring subject but in our unrivalled determinations to provide the best motoring advice, may we present the worlds only car tax guide.

It’s On The Meter car tax check, guide.

Man and woman kiss after remembering to notify DVLA of changes.

Step 1, buy a car. Step 2, forget to notify DVLA. Step 3, pay fines and get penalty points on your driver’s license.

Indeed, it is law to notify DVLA of any changes to a vehicle or its ownership from a purchase, sale, or transfer to a new person.

Check Carpilot for details or read It’s On The Meter change car ownership, guide.